Our Story

In late 2017, our team had a get together to dream-up a new strategy for channeling the positive energy and resources that exist to serve veterans. We saw an opportunity to focus differently on continued advancement and value. As implied by our name, the charitable purpose and mission of Camp Comeback is to help veterans make a “Comeback."

What is a comeback? Its textbook definition is a return to a former position or condition. For many veterans in America however, their daily lives and role in society are below their former condition, and more importantly below their highest potential. A comeback is completion of major positive milestone along a personal growth process that individual veterans work toward, but it does not need to stop there. We hope the initial milestones for those making a comeback lead to even bigger ones for those vets.

Our vision however extends far beyond any one comeback. A key ingredient for veterans successfully making a comeback is giving back, drawing energy and benefit from serving other veterans. We hope to prove this important “snowball effect” element of our strategy that makes us different. We seek campaigns where personal growth and contribution for an individual veteran results in service and benefit to other veterans, often those in a common affinity group. We know vets value being part of a team.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if campaign results grew like snowballs, triggering new campaigns, serving more veterans, triggering new campaigns…? This is where you come in. In these early days of Camp Comeback, we are working to test our thesis, and realize our dream of helping veterans make comebacks by helping veterans. Take a look at our Campaigns page to see how these words are being put into action for the benefit of veterans. There can be no comeback without action!

Meet the Team

John Fitzmayer

Co-Founder & President

Gina Fitzmayer