Gina has been an attorney for sixteen years. She began her legal career as a public defender, representing low income clients who had been charged with all levels of crimes. After several years, she moved her work to one of Atlanta’s busiest suburbs where she continued her love with appointed work, representing those charged with major felonies. She had the privilege of working in Mental Health Court, which serves as court supervised treatment for convicted felons who have a severe and persistent mental health illness. She also had the honor to serve as a defense attorney in Veterans Treatment Court, representing Veterans who, after having been honorably discharged, found themselves in the criminal legal system. Gina found that Veterans Treatment Court linked Veterans not only with treatment, but also with other Veterans, giving them the support they needed to become productive citizens again. Both treatment courts have been shown to drastically reduce recidivism rates among the nation’s highest risk groups and Gina is very proud to have a part of both programs. About four years ago, Gina and her husband moved to another major Atlanta suburb so their middle daughter could attend the biggest public school deaf and hard of hearing program in the State. Gina now focuses her practice in family law, hoping to help ease conflict among families who are going through one the most difficult times in their lives. When not working on cases, Gina loves being at home doing arts and crafts with her three girls, spending time with her husband, and playing with their dog.